Fast Crispy, Crunchy Ribs

Don’t you love it when something unexpected thwarts your plans forcing you to take a different course which then turns out to be a blessing in disguise?  I do!  That’s what happened to me the other night. Dinner was scheduled to be barbequed ribs, corn-on-the-cob and salad.  The sister unfortunately had to be elsewhere and there was no one available to replace her.  What a predicament! What to do about the ribs was the big question. I ran down the list of possible substitutes but nothing clicked or felt just right. I flipped on the oven to 450 degrees seasoned the meat generously with onion salt and spread them out on a baking sheet and left them alone for 45 minutes.  The result??? Gorgeous golden ribs, crisp and crunchy on outside, tender, juicy and succulent on the inside.  They had simply cooked themselves with no help from anyone! Served with a choice of our favorite prepared chutney, sweet and sour sauce or barbeque sauce and a sprinkling of fresh chopped mango they made a huge hit.  Everyone had a great time dipping and trying each sauce to their own liking and some chose to have them just as they were straight out of the oven. If anyone was terribly disappointed at not having our usual, fall off the bone saucy cooked ribs they soon forgot it or at least never mentioned it. What most of them asked was  “How come we don’t have ribs this way more often?”

 Fast Crispy, Crunchy Ribs
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Fast Crispy, Crunchy Ribs



  1. Season ribs generously with onion salt, roast on baking sheet or roasting pan at 450 degrees for 45 minutes.
  2. Garnish with fruit if desired.